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Class of 2020

Tip Tap Top

Project Description

Because the thermobimetal can move quietly without notice, this installation was designed to alarm the bells. The glass spheres shielded the sensitive thermobimetal from the air conditioning vents while allowing heat to build up inside from the solar radiation from outside. As the pieces activate, the long level performs as a clapper hitting the adjacent glass sphere. A faint ring occurs on warm days producing a unique musical performance each day.

In this piece, the thermobimetal performs as an actuator even though the visual quality of it is compelling. It physically, visually and aurally responds to the moving sun to set of a predetermined series of movements. This is the first time DOSU has used the thermobimetal to activate another system.

Credits and Information

Materials: Thermobimetal, aluminum, nylon, steel, glass, plastic
Project Team: Doris Sung, Esther Ho, Daniel Yoo, Ryan Chang, Vivan Bose, Noah Seador
Funding: This project was privately funded for an undisclosed amount.

Status: Installed

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