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15 JULY 2019

SUNG selected as a R+D for the Built Environment Fellow sponsored by XL Construction and Google

R+D for the Built Environment is the ideas workshop for design, construction, and real estate industries.

Led by Michelle Kaufmann, the R+D for the Built Environment group is an amalgamation of makers, designers, architects, and engineers working on innovative solutions for commercial and residential buildings in the Bay Area. From the scale of the desk to the scale of the region, we generate ideas and prototypes that bring value to the end user and large tech clients. We aggregate the best thinking around today’s biggest design challenges and develop solutions that can be brought to life in our buildings and neighborhoods. With humans at the center of our work, we’re creating an optimistic, resilient, resource-efficient, technologically-enriched and beautiful future.

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09 JULY 2019

InVert™ wins Architizer A+ Facades Jury & Popular Choice Awards

SUNG formed a start-up company with Karen Sabath and Scott Horwitz called TBM Designs LLC to commercialize her patented auto-shading system. The innovative product, called InVert™, won both the Jury and Popular Choice Awards in the Architizer A+ Facades: Glass+Glazing category.

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28 May 2019

SUNG featured on Spectrum News

Kristopher Gee interviews SUNG for a feature on "USC Professor Innovates Smart Building Materials for New Green Deal Era". Click here to see the video footage and article.

Kristopher comes to Spectrum News 1 with a background in independent and documentary filmmaking and composing. He’s even won an Akira Kurosawa Award for one of his short films. He’s now excited to be able to tell stories in a different way – by reporting on all the talent and diverse backgrounds that LA has to offer.


15 MAY 2019

SUNG presented her work at AC Martin's downtown office

Hosted by Tammy Jow, SUNG presented the work of DOSU Studio Architecture and TBM Designs.


08 MAY 2019

SUNG inducted into the USC Chapter of Phi Kappa Phi Society

SUNG joins the USC Chapter of the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society as one of three inductees for 2019.

From USC Chapter website: Founded in 1897 at the University of Maine, The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi (PKP) is one of the nation's oldest and largest honor societies and is a charter member of the Association of College Honor Societies. PKP's membership currently numbers more than 900,000 scholars from across the globe. Drawing membership from all divisions within the academic institution, PKP is the largest interdisciplinary honor society. It is in a unique position to cultivate consciousness of relationships by bringing together individuals from a variety of disciplines.

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19 APRIL 2019

InVert™ featured in Remi Sabina Aouf's article in DEZEEN Magazine

See her article titled "Thermobimetal Shutters by Doris Sung Self-Regulate the Temperature of Buildings" online here.

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19 APRIL 2019

SUNG recognized by Steve Scauzillo in multiple Southern California newspapers

Check out the article  "USC Prof Devises 'Smart' Building Materials that Moves by Themselves (That's Right, No Motor, to Save Energy" which appeared in several Southern California newspapers here.


27 MARCH 2019

SUNG Receives USC Stevens Center Innovation Award

Sung is photographed with Rakesh V. Pandit and Sue Kim from the USC Stevens Center for Innovation.


USC Stevens Center for Innovation recognized several faculty members who's patented inventions were licensed. Sung's self-shading windows were recognized among many.

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08 MARCH 2019

SUNG/SABATH featured in Sandra Cordon's article "Five Women-Driven Technologies Helping the World's Health"

Click here to read article in Landscape News, Global Landscape Forum.


20 FEBRUARY 2019

SUNG/SABATH featured in Allyson Kapin's article "50 Women-Led Startups That are Crushing Tech" in FORBES Magazine

Check out the article here for details.


20-22 FEBRUARY 2019

SUNG/SABATH are Finalists for Women4Climate Tech Challenge

Photo of Sung with Karen Sabath at the Women4Climate Conference in Paris, France.


-The Women4Climate Tech Challenge is an international contest open to women  carrying out an innovative tech solution for climate action in cities. Complementary to the mentorship  programme, the Challenge is opened to all  C40 Cities and promotes concrete solutions  with a measurable impact.

-Technology and data are key agents to create and accelerate sustainable change in cities and meet the goals of the Paris Agreement. These inequalities need to be addressed with tailored actions and tools to support female entrepreneurship and address the barriers women meet in venture capital and start-ups.

-In the framework of the Women4Climate initiative, the Tech Challenge is a key action for C40 to support and promote diversity and inclusion in technology and innovation, where women are largely underrepresented and provide to mayors the best women-led climate-focused tech solutions.


12 DECEMBER 2019

SUNG presented work at CallisonRTKL in Los Angeles

Invited by Amr "Joey" Elbasuony, SUNG presented work from DOSU and TBM Designs.



SUNG selected for Artist Residency at the Headlands Center for the Arts

The Artist in Residence (AIR) program awards fully sponsored residencies to approximately 50 local, national, and international artists each year. Residencies of four to ten weeks include studio space, chef-prepared meals, comfortable housing, and travel and living expense reimbursements. AIRs become part of a dynamic community of artists participating in Headlands’ other programs, allowing for exchange and collaborative relationships to develop within the artist community on campus. Artists selected for this program are at all stages in their careers and work in all media, including drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, film, video, new media, installation, fiction and nonfiction writing, poetry, dance, music, interdisciplinary, social practice, and architecture.

Read more here.


08 OCTOBER 2018

SUNG featured in Audrey Gray's article called "Researchers and Designers ar Totally Reinventing the Building Facade"

See it here in METROPOLIS Magazine.

Robotic Building.jpg

22 AUGUST 2018

SUNG authors a chapter for book on Robotic Building

The first volume of the Adaptive Environments series focuses on Robotic Building, which refers to both physically built robotic environments and robotically supported building processes. Physically built robotic environments consist of reconfigurable, adaptive systems incorporating sensor-actuator mechanisms that enable buildings to interact with their users and surroundings in real-time. These require Design-to-Production and Operation chains that are numerically controlled and (partially or completely) robotically driven. From architectured materials, on- and off-site robotic production to robotic building operation augmenting everyday life, the volume examines achievements of the last decades and outlines potential future developments in Robotic Building.

Sung's chapter, "A New Look at Robotics in Architecture: Embedded Behavior with Smart Materials", discusses the value of co-bots in the construction of architecture.

Doris and Marilyn w logo SMALL.jpg

15 JULY 2018

SUNG receives funding from the Long Family Foundation for Sculpture at the South Coast Botanical Garden

Photo of SUNG with Marilyn Long of the Long Family Foundation at the dedication of Fuller at the South Coast Botanical Garden.

The Long Family Foundation (LFF) is a private foundation, which was established in 1992 by John and Marilyn Long to further their desire and commitment to share their hearts and resources to support projects, programs, and endeavors in the United States as well as China.

See more here.



SUNG is featured in LAKA Perspective's first publication

Laka Perspectives is a pocket-sized source of inspiration presents interviews and essays of renowned experts in disciplines such as architecture, urban planning, computational design, digital fabrication, smart materials, mobility, fashion, art and biomimicry. The book is about the people who have decided to take action for the future through architecture, technology, and innovation. 


01 JULY 2017

SUNG selected as a 2017-2018 Master Artist Fellow for the City of Los Angeles DCA Grants Program

The COLA Individual Artist Fellowship allows accomplished artists to create new work with increased freedom to innovate and experiment.

The Fellowship Program grant category honors a spectrum of the City’s most creative artists who:

  • Are dedicated to an ongoing body of excellent work.

  • Represent a relevant progression through their pieces or series.

  • Exemplify a generation of core ideas in their field.

  • Are respected by their peers and are role models for other artists because of their distinguished record.

Twelve to fifteen COLA Fellowships will be offered in the disciplines of design/visual arts (including architecture, graphic design and product design such as fashion design), literary arts (poetry or fiction) and performing arts (including choreography-dance, music, and multi-disciplinary/theater).

See article in LA Weekly for more info.

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26 MAY 2018

DOSU featured in Architette=Female Architect Inaugural Book

Compiled by a not for profit cultural collective of 17 creative women, all driven by passion for a more inclusive vision in architecture. The biographies of these female architects, complete with images of their projects and links to sources, have been published each day over the course of one year on Architette Facebook platform. The emphasis is on designers with a substantial CVs, demonstrating the commitment and experience indispensable to reach a high quality and innovative level of design as well as social engagement.

The project started in May 2017 by a collective of 17 creatives in Italy, between 25 and 45 years of age, producing a publication to coincide with the opening of the Biennale Architecture 2018 in Venice. The full book represents 12 months and 365 bios. Click here for the online book.

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14 MAY 2018

Sung Moderates Water Panel at CEA's Inaugural Symposium

"Transforming the DNA of the Built Environment" is a two-part meeting held in the Spring and Fall of 2018 to kick off a collaboration between The Center for Ecosystems in Architecture at Yale (CEA--pronounced 'see') and New Lab at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. In Spring 2018, new strategies for inking systems for energy, water, air, food and material life cycle throuh the mission of emergency housing was discussed. The fall 2018 meeting will consider innovative ways in which new DNA for materials, devices and integrated systems could lead to fundamentally different infrastructural models for distributing resources at the urban and district scales. Kip Bradford, Demetrios Comodromos and Aletheia Ida presented their work and ideas on the Water Panel.

Google R+D.jpg

24 APRIL 2018

SUNG Receives the USC Associates Award for Artistic Expression

Photographed with Dean Milton Curry, Doris Sung received the prestigious USC Associates Award for Artistic Expression at the USC Academic Convocation on April 24, 2018. Only two were awarded this year. See list here. Scroll to the bottom.


The text on the award reads as follows:

Doris Sung is a visionary experimental architect whose work marries the highest levels of art and technology. Her projects combine cutting-edge science with great artistry, using thermo-bimetals and taking inspiration from mathematics and biology. These intricate geometric assemblies open and close like a field of flowers, and demonstrate how solar heat energy dynamically transforms the shape and geometry of thin metal sheets to perform a range of transformations—including ventilation, light, shading, and structure—on the facades and in the structure of her architecture. As beautiful as they are functional, these innovations are geared toward a wide spectrum of potential applications, and promise efficient and elegant solutions to pressing environmental problems. Indeed, she has received funding to develop her research practice with a range of industry leaders.

Google R+D.jpg

19 APRIL 2018

Sung Lectures at the Adaptive Facades Symposium

Among five invited lecturers at the Adaptive Facades Symposium in Iowa State University on April 19th, Doris Sung presented the environmentally responsive work of DOSU Studio Architecture. Ranging from academic research to client-based work, the various projects and work presented throughout the day challenged various aspect of adaptation on building facades. Click here to read more about the symposium.

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13 APRIL 2018

Sung is panelist at the 'Living at the Intersection' Symposium

The Symposium engaged participants in an exploration of “living at the intersection” of engineering and the arts with thought leaders, researchers, artists, faculty, students, and professionals who create at or near this intersection.

CST is launching the biennial Living at the Intersection Symposium series in service to its mission to broaden and deepen participation in STEM. The Symposium series facilitates engagement that is unconstrained by disciplinary labels by cultivating opportunities for new and meaningful study, exploration, and collaboration, at intersections of the sciences, engineering, humanities, arts, and social sciences. Click here to read more about the symposium.

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13 APRIL 2018

SUNG speaks at Inaugural Ideathon for PEI

The first-ever Princeton Environmental Ideathon (PEID) is a two-day competition at Princeton University for bringing together academics and leaders of industry from the East Coast to address challenges and propose solutions to developing a greener and more sustainable modern city. Keynote speakers included Doris Sung, Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa and Ashley Dawson. Read more here.

Blur Virginia.jpg

06 April 2018

SUNG speaks at Virginia Design Forum XIII

The Design Forum two-day conference will showcase dynamic figures in art and architecture who have embraced the blurring of lines between the disciplines. Presentations from Eric Höweler, Doris Kim Sung, Nathan King, David Freeland and Refik Anadol, among others, will offer insight into how we can utilize the ever growing and changing resources that expand the limits of design. Click here to read more about the event.


22 FEBRUARY 2018

SUNG lectures at San Jose State University

Invited by Virginia San Fratello, Associate Professor in Interior Design at the San Jose State University, SUNG presented work from DOSU and TBM Designs.


13 DECEMBER 2017

SUNG speaks at Biomimetic Design and Future Technology Conference for the Super Sensing Forum

Click here to read more.

Architect Magazine August 2017 67.jpg


"AIA Future: Mixed Innovation" in ARCHITECT Magazine by Ben Schulman

Bloom and other projects are feature in this article by Ben Schulman. Click here to see article online.


24 JUNE 2017 - 07 JANUARY 2018

BLOOM included in exhibition "Architectural Pavilions" at the Museum of Craft & Design

Guest Curator: Mariah Nielson

This exhibition presents digital and handmade architectural pavilions by Bay Area, national and international architects. The work included in Architectural Pavilions: Experiments and Artifacts will transform the galleries of the Museum of Craft and Design into an immersive architectural environment, demonstrating a range of projects from small-scale models to full-scale installations.

The content included in the exhibition is diverse – material samples, drawings, films, models, mock-ups, and full-scale installations reflect the broad range of techniques that architects employ to build pavilions at variant scales. This exhibition addresses architecture’s physical and collaborative processes through the presentation of digital and handmade pavilions by eight architectural studios: Carmody Groarke (London); DOSU Studio Architecture (Los Angeles); Future Cities Lab (San Francisco); Jay Nelson (San Francisco); Materials & Applications (Los Angeles); SITU Studio (New York); UC Berkeley Architecture students, Prof. Lisa Iwamoto (Bay Area) and Warren Techentin Architecture (Los Angeles).

XFestival Hasselt.jpg

05 MAY 2017

SUNG delivers keynote lecture at Hasselt University's X-Festival 2017

Part of the «Exploration of the City of the Future», SUNG presented work in response to: How will the City of the Future look like? How can we shape a creative and sustainable future?


X–Festival is an annual cross–disciplinary, visionary, inspirational and stimulating ideas festival at the crossroads of science, technology and art towards a creative and sustainable future. X–Festival aims to bring together different worlds, to stimulate innovation through cross–overs, to explore new frontiers and horizons and to be a Big–Bang of reflection and action.

Click here to read more.

IMG_3288 SMALL.jpg

14 JANUARY 2017

DRIFT turns into DRAFT for the Celebrate DTLA Annual Fundraiser for the A+D Museum

This year’s theme celebrates the museum’s recent return to our DTLA roots and will highlight each of the distinct neighborhoods that make up the cultural mecca of Downtown Los Angeles. Through a world-class silent auction featuring inspired DTLA designs, CELEBRATE: DTLA will explore the past, present, and future of Downtown Los Angeles as a source of inspiration for artists, designers, and design enthusiasts alike.


Each year the Celebrate Gala grows in audience, designer participation, and wow factor! We are looking forward to welcoming even more members, friends of A+D, and DTLA neighbors as we raise crucial funds for the year ahead and celebrate the vibrant and creative community that is Downtown Los Angeles.

2016-03 JAE.jpg

20 JANUARY 2017

SUNG Receives "Best Article of the Year" award at JAE

This is the highest achievement for journal publication in the U.S. for architecture.

Click here to see past recipients.


12 JANUARY 2017

SUNG delivers keynote lecture for Engineering Department retreat at Bucknell University

Invited by Patrick T. Mather, Dean of the College of Engineering at Bucknell University, SUNG presented her work at DOSU Studio Architecture to the engineering faculty at their annual retreat.

Tyler Curtis VICE small.jpg

JUNE 2016

DRIFT is commissioned by Toyota Prius and VICE Group for pop-up events in NYC, Chicago and LA

“Future Forward is part of an ongoing expansion of The Creators Project’s mission to support the creation of meaningful original works,” says Gerhard Stochl, The Creators Project publisher. “In Toyota and the all-new 2016 Prius, we have a one-of-a-kind partner that continues to inspire and enable us to help make great art that’s accessible to everyone.”

Doris Sung’s technology-focused piece is a “kinetic chandelier” built around material responsiveness. “The piece will be made of thermal-bimetal, a material that expands and contracts with temperature swings independent of any driving electronic mechanism,” Sung says. “So the sculpture’s behavior–that of perpetual motion–is essentially programmed through the use of this material technology.”

See video here.

Most news prior to 2018 have been archived. For additional information, please email us at

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