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Smart. Responsive. Zero-energy.


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with TBM Designs LLC

By using solar energy, a thermobimetal system can be smartly designed to block the sun. This strategy is especially useful when trying to prevent solar heat gain and glare to enter a building, while using no energy and needing no controls.

May 03 to June 24, 2018

Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, Hollywood, CA

Part of the City of Los Angeles (COLA) Master Artist Exhibition, this "nod" to Buckminster Fuller is a nine foot diameter sphere held together in tension. Designed to need no tools to install and no fasteners to hold, this large ball makes the functional joint ornamental.

November 2011

M&A Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

A sun-tracking instrument indexing time and temperature, with a shape alluding to a woman’s Victorian-era under garment, "Bloom" stitches together material experimentation, structural innovation, and computational form and pattern-making into an environmentally responsive form. 

Designing building components to be

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