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AWARD: SUNG receives the USC Associates Award for Artistic Expression

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

Photographed with Dean Milton Curry, Doris Sung received the prestigious USC Associates Award for Artistic Expression at the USC Academic Convocation on April 24, 2018. Only two were awarded this year.

The text on the award reads as follows:

Doris Sung is a visionary experimental architect whose work marries the highest levels of art and technology. Her projects combine cutting-edge science with great artistry, using thermo-bimetals and taking inspiration from mathematics and biology. These intricate geometric assemblies open and close like a field of flowers, and demonstrate how solar heat energy dynamically transforms the shape and geometry of thin metal sheets to perform a range of transformations—including ventilation, light, shading, and structure—on the facades and in the structure of her architecture. As beautiful as they are functional, these innovations are geared toward a wide spectrum of potential applications, and promise efficient and elegant solutions to pressing environmental problems. Indeed, she has received funding to develop her research practice with a range of industry leaders.

As an important voice in the material technology field, Professor Sung possesses a far-ranging influence that transforms the way architecture is designed and assembled. Her work has been widely exhibited, and has received several prestigious honors that recognize her talents as an educator and practitioner, including the United States Artist Award, the Rockfeller Foundation Bellagio Fellowship, and USC’s Phi Kappa Phi Faculty Recognition Award. These accolades speak to her keen understanding of the deep interchange among research, teaching, experimentation, and professional practice. Assuredly, her groundbreaking architecture of moving surfaces will remain instrumental to an aesthetically compelling and sustainable vision of the built environment.

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